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I really love to write, and I love even more the idea of masses of beautiful people panting over my writing. But, I’m a busy man. Lots of funny videos of cats out there to watch, you know. So, I’ll be trying, more than in these past few months, to write here. But I don’t want you to have to come here every day, hoping to feed your hungry mind with a banquet of my thoughts, only to find that I haven’t written anything for the past five days. The constant fear of disappointment would surely cause you to eventually quit visiting altogether. And I don’t want that. So, here’s the solution:

First get an iGoogle page set up. If you don’t already have one, you’re missing out. It’s a home page that you customize so that it has your emails right there waiting for you, along with the weather, iTunes free song of the day, stocks, news, whatever you want, all arranged neatly any way you want it on one page. It’s free, and it takes about five minutes to set up. Just Google iGoogle, and you’ll have it right there.

Second, just search for any of the iGoogle apps that are “readers” or “rss readers”. Just put that on your front page (which only involves clicking and dragging a little picture), and type in the address to this blog in it, along with whatever other blogs or whatever you like. Every time there’s a new post, the title will automatically show up there, and you can read it over and over until you feel like you’re one with me. And there’s no risk of feeling constantly deprived when you check here when I haven’t updated. And I won’t feel guilty for going a few days without writing, which, psychology tells us, will actually make me write more.


  1. #1 by Taren on 11.22.09 - 10.57 am

    I’m soooo ahead of the game! I’ve had you on my RSS reader on my iGoogle homepage for quite some time now. I think that means you owe me a cookie or something. 🙂

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