For a little fun

I’ve always thought that those “pick the one that doesn’t belong” tests they give kindergartners are more tests of mental conformity than tests for intelligence or understanding. So, to procrastinate from reading about Aristotle’s view of perception, I made one of my own. Just pick the object that doesn’t belong. (Assume that we’re only dealing with primary colors [so, no differentiating between light and dark shades – there’s just the color red, or whatever]).

  1. #1 by Sam on 8.31.09 - 9.18 pm

    Hey sir I completely know the answer.

  2. #2 by Alex on 8.31.09 - 9.31 pm

    Yellow? I see nothing yellow… either you are tricking me or I have just discovered that I am color blind… Or that you are.

    I’m gonna hold my answer back for the moment cause I think the point of this exercise may be to demonstrate it…

  3. #3 by Michael Glawson on 8.31.09 - 9.34 pm

    Fixed the color issue.

  4. #4 by jessica h. on 8.31.09 - 10.10 pm

    i say the cube

  5. #5 by Corey Scogin on 8.31.09 - 11.34 pm

    I think you could pick any one and say that it has a differing property that the others share.

    1. The triangle is red, the others are blue.
    2. The cube is 3-dimensional, the others are 2D
    3. The circle has no corners, the others do.
    4. The star is the only one with angles that fold outward

  6. #6 by Jessica on 9.8.09 - 5.53 pm

    I like Corey’s answer.

  7. #7 by Michael Glawson on 2.17.10 - 2.30 pm

    Corey, your’re right on what I was going for. The kindergarten teachers I had though, wouldn’t be reflective (or smart?) enough to realize that the problem has no right answer. If they were told the odd one out was the red one, that’s what they’d tell the kids, though several of the kids would answer differently, and equally well. I think that, given almost any selection of different objects, a smart enough kid could give some good reason why any of the objects is the odd one out by evaluating them in a creative way (by color, angle’s, dimensionality, size, how closely they resemble parts of a clown’s costume, number of vowels in the name, etc.).

    It’s all bs.

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