Call for links!

So, I wrote a post a while back about this link to the right, “Save African refugees”. It takes you to a humanitarian group that you can join, via donation, that helps destitute people in Sudan die less frequently, quickly, and miserably. I’d like to know of any other worthy causes that you know about or are a part of, so I can put links up for them too. Let me know what you know.


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  1. #1 by Michael Glawson on 2.24.09 - 12.19 pm

    It just seems to me that the lack of response on this one, in the face of the number of hits its gotten, means one of two things, both of which are bad: 1. No one reading here knows of a single worthy humanitarian cause other than the three listed. But there are obviously many other worthy humanitarian causes readily available to us. So, in light of the good that these causes do for very little of our money, we’re not nearly involved enough in these caues, or 2. Readers know, but don’t care to exert the energy to comment in order to give them publicity.

  2. #2 by jimmymccarty on 2.25.09 - 1.21 pm


    What’s up man? Too ease your concern a little bit I’d recommend:

    World Vision
    Made in the Streets
    Hopegivers International (I’m sure you remember them!)
    Compassion International
    Bread for the World
    Stop the Traffik
    Micah Challenge USA…

    this is just a start. you can google them and I’m sure they’re at the top of the searches, or you can just click on the links in the sidebar of my blog.

    Oh, and Kiva.

    Hope all is well.

  3. #3 by jimmymccarty on 3.6.09 - 8.56 pm

    Thought this might help you choose some links:

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