Absolutely baffling

I came across this blog post last night while scrolling through Al Gore’s gift to humanity with a friend of mine. It’s basically a compilation of interviews of anti-abortion activists responding to the question, If abortion should be illegal, what should the punishment be for women who have abortions? I (and I think my friend also) was utterly appalled at the responses, and their singular nature. Though I myself am a strong “anti-abortionist” (is anyone a pro-abortionist?), the apparently poorly-founded fervency of these people for a cause I’m also behind is frightening.

So, what should be the penalty for normal cases of abortion (assuming it were made illegal)? [non-rhetorical question]

It seems to me that, in the vocabulary of our legal system, abortion is normally first degree murder, since it is  premeditated, malicious, unjust killing of a human person, and should be classified as such, and recieve the same penalty; something like long-term imprisonment or death.


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