Polls fubar’d (Fixed)

Update: Polls completely restored, including all votes…for now. 😉

Well, I think I praised wordpress’ polling function too quickly. When I logged into my blog this morning, all of my polls had completely vanished. They still appear on the blog, but don’t seem to actually do anything when you click them. So, if you want to respond to the poll questions, you still can via (anonymous) comments on the post. Please do, actually.

This should all be fixed in a few days so that the polls work again, but I doubt polldaddy (the company that provides the polling services to wordpress) will be able to do anything like restore the polls and votes and all that malarchy.

Hope all is well, and, while you’re venting your frustrated sympathies over my blog woes, check out these surreal explosions of art by Indian (dot-on-forehead kind) artist,  Archan Nair (just click the little play button in the bar of photos to start the slideshow).


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  1. #1 by Sassy Mouth on 1.14.09 - 4.21 pm

    In response to you’r poll question… I think I would pull the bar. Yes it would suck real bad if I got all skulls… But the chances that I would hit all skulls is very slim. People take higher risks every day and don’t think twice about it. Every time I get into my car I have a risk of getting into a wreck and being horribly maimed for the rest of my life, or even die. I mean I would be nervous pulling the lever, but only because of the eternithy in torment part. But I still think I’d do it. Of course the reward itself seems to be too much. I’d feel guilty getting that kind of wealth… it would almost seem wrong to me. But putting aside my guilty feelings of the wealth… I’d pull it.

    The art link was pretty sweet by the way.

    Sassy mouth

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