Oh You Poor, Misunderstood Links: A Disclaimer and a Vid

I once on this blog (perhaps some of you will remember) posted a link to a Barbara Walters interview with a former (now former former) porn actress named Belladonna. Well, as a result of my ignorance of Youtube’s media addressing, rather than linking to the video itself, I accidentally linked to a page that simply listed the results of a search for that particular actress’ name and the word ‘interview’ which simply began playing the first video in the search queue which was, needless to say, of a very different nature than the Dateline interview. I’m older and wiser now. Or something. So I wanted to make a once-for-all disclaimer, and give you another risque link.

The disclaimer: For anything to which I link, I have always judged it to be constructive and reasonably appropriate for a thinking adult audience. That won’t mean that it doesn’t have distrubing content, but it does mean that I’ve judged the content to be worth watching because it exemplefies some feature of reality worth noting. In doing that I’m assuming a lot of my audience. I’m assuming we all know what a penis is, for instance, or that we’re all familiar with the various words our parents dogmatized us into thinking of as dirty, and that we can blink it off with maturity, always looking for depth and truth that transcends the vileness of the world, because that’s a big part of living well. If you can’t do that, but are bent on guarding yourself against any encounter with the deep, tragic corruption of the world, then this isn’t the place for you. And I don’t just mean this blog. I mean human society. Terrible things are out there and we can either open your eyes (including that third one) and deal, or shut them all, stand still, and hope to sleep through it all until death. Melodramatic, you say? Not at all. That’s just the way it is. Although this sounds like it must certainly be directed at someone, or pertain to some conflict I’ve had with a reader, it doesn’t at all. It’s just my pep talk for fighting through life with open eyes, and, more immanently, prep for the link I’m about to give.

The link: In my last post, I talked about the effects of technology on personal and social human existence, and I included several links. This one was among them, but I removed it because, though it’s quite safe, the first page it links to might lead you to think otherwise. The link is to a documentary from PBS on pornography in america. It deals with the history of this massive industry (which grosses more than the NBA, NFL, MBA, and NHL combined), the legal status of pornography (which is enlightening, since apparrently what is morally acceptable for public distribution, regarding sex, is literally based on a popular vote), and, most interestingly, interviews a lot of people in the business, who give their take on the most demoralizing, marginializing, and dangerous (legal) business around.

The link is right here. A word of caution, especially to guys: there are a lot of attractive people in this and, while you never see their privates, or watch them have sex, the topic is probably going to get broached a lot in a documentary on porn. At some point you’ll probably think about sex yourself and most people can’t do that in purely condemning terms. That’s good. You shouldn’t be able to because sex is a naturally excellent thing. But, at the same time, if you watch this and it makes you want to go watch a porno or be promiscuous, then the point has been missed. The point in putting this up is to expose the very vileness of pornography, an industry that takes eighteen year old girls still in their braces and lures them into letting eight guys rip them apart for shopping money. The hope is that, in seeing the dirt and grime of the industry, we will see the deep perversion of the pornographic and promiscuous way of life that sees others as toys, will come to hate it deeply, and so will have a greater reverence for the sacredness of others and the beauty of sex, which is the picture of our hearts, good or bad.

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