Grad school developments

Things have been dizzying lately – and I didn’t pick that term up from an interior monologue on Gilmore Girls, I promise; it’s pretty darn accurate. I’m in the middle of trying to finish up my last semester, and trying to figure out what the next step looks like. And I’m finding out that I should have been trying to figure that out about a year ago instead of now. What it’s been looking like for the past few months is applying to MA programs in philosophy all over the country and going wherever accepts me, is cheapest, and best (probably in that order). I’ve been looking especially for phil programs that would let me also do work with a religious studies program, because I really want to integrate my faith with my philosophy. They’re not totally distinct. And I’ve found a few programs that would let me do just that. Recently though – like three days ago – I began seriously considering a slightly different route: seminary.
I don’t have much interest in preaching or working mainly in a church; I really want an academic career I think. So a Masters of Divinity is out (that’s the preacher degree). Some seminaries though have a degree called a Masters of Theological Studies, and some of the really good MTS programs allow you to choose a specialty of concentration, and I could choose philosophy at some. Without belaboring mundane details, the payoff would be that I would be able to go on from there to do a Phd in philosophy, and it would make me a more marketable candidate in the end to have both a formal religious education and a formal philosophical education. So, I’ll probably be splitting my applications (the stack of which is steadily growing) between philosophy departments and divinity schools.
The problems are typical though. How do I pay for it? Will I get in? Is one route better than the other? If so, which one? How do I know? Does God have a preference? If so, how do I figure that out?
I’m putting lots of time, energy, thought, and prayer (in that order, sadly) into this, and it feels like things are just spinning around me, outside of my control. So, if you are a person of the Christian faith, I’d like to ask you to ask our God to give me wisdom and his blessing as I’m applying to departments, taking the GRE, filling out applications, and searching for a way to fund this. This education is for me (I hope) part of my attempt to grow Jesus’ kingship on earth, so if that is a worthy cause in your eyes, please beg for his blessings in that attempt.

  1. #1 by Taren on 11.10.08 - 7.33 am

    Done. And I even promise not to be selfish and pray that you don’t go to the other bloody side of the freaking United States or outside of it. 🙂

    You made a Gilmore Girls reference. You are slowly coming over to our side! 😉

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