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This is an email I got from a friend of mine who is living in India trying to set a light there by working with poor children. It presents an opportunity for you to really help a real deal person. These girls are solid people. I know them really well. Any help they get will really impact their kids, who are remarkably intelligent and eager to live meaningfully.


the school situation is not as easy in america as it is in india. we’ve got some dilemnas. this is a post that joy put on our facebook group page a few days ago. she explains the situation better than i do (and i’m tired of typing). please take the time to read it and remember our children. i’m stressed, and i can’t wait til april is over! but we know that God is making a way for our children. his heart is for them.

it’s back-to-school season here in india. …
and here in india, getting into school isn’t a simple matter of what city/township/district you reside in. there are innumerable public, private, or international schools in any given province. private schools are pretty much out of the question for our children: the amount of money and the number of identification documents necessary make these schools an impractical and unsustainable option. public schools are technically required to admit a certain quorom of dalit/slum/orphaned children per class (and offer them tuition concessions), but in reality they fill their seats with children from families who can afford to pay the monthly tuition fee in full.

which is why we so desperately hope that our children will gain admission into ryan international school, an institution distinguished by the progressive attitude of its leadership. ryan is known for its generous allowance for dalit kids, and has a warm relationship with the chhawla orphanage that jana and i love so fiercely. the catch: only the best and brightest make the cut. it’s been an infuriating game of tag with the leadership. all we want is an uninterrupted audience with the lady in charge and tell her that our kids need the right institution to bring out their full potential, that their learning capacities have actually accelerated under one-on-one instruction, and that the inroads we’ve made this year may be lost if they were handed over to a poorly staffed public school.

so that’s april for you. we’re kinda stressed about this. prem, the 14-year-old, asks us on a daily basis what’s up with the school situation. his parents only allowed him to come to asha mission under the condition that he would matriculate in a real school; if he’s unable to get in anywhere, there will be severe reprisals back home. but hope with us: hope that we will find favor with schools in our area; hope that we will find schools with bus stops in our village; hope that we will find administrators willing to offer generous tuition concessions for our children; hope that our children will break into the school system so that they can at least get that first vital document. once they get a school certificate, they’ll be qualified to try to transfer into ryan international next year.

we’ll update during the next few weeks as we continue to contact schools in the area. for now, public school monthly fees hover between 300 and 500 rupees, less than twelve bucks a month– if you’re interested in spotting a child and making a serious investment in their future, you should definitely consider this. thanks for reading and loving.


post note: good news today! we got our first admissions for 4 of our kids! prem, suseela, shehnaz, and ramlal are all going to pushbanjeli public school! we were dancing out of the office. the girls were giddy. and prem was just happy he wasn’t put in a class too far behind his age. hopefully we’ll have all the paperwork we need for this to be solidified. we’re still waiting on ryan int’l to call us. that’s gonna take a miracle, but there are several of our kids who we know could do exeedingly well there. pray!!! thank you!

jana quigley

c/o jana quigley
Asha Mission Childrens Home
Village– Bijwasan
Post Office–Bijwasan
near pinki furniture shop
Old Chowpal Road
New Delhi– 110061

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