My absence (over)

Lately, most of my thought has been devoted to questions of theology, and to dealing with some deep personal questions that wouldn’t be interesting at all to you here (just awkward maybe). That said, I’ll be posting a blog some time in the next seven days on one of three topics: 1. The need we all feel to get out of our body, 2. The virtue of being able to cause great harm to another, or 3. The Super Virtue of thoughtfulness, and a single, simple practice that will make you a better person.

I’m taking votes if anyone has a preference. The thoughts are formed – I just have to take the time to sort them.

And a suggestion (not a rule) for readers: I put a lot of thought and time into something before it squirms its way through the crackly canal that is the internet and is born in your mind. If you come here and read, I ask that you would do so not as a consumer of ideas (because that reduces the deep stuff of life to a commodity like cheeseburgers), but as a participant. I only know a few people that I think are genuinely incapable of thoughtful contribution to life, and none of them read this blog. Your ideas, comments, questions, and criticisms are more than welcome – they’re wanted.

  1. #1 by Taren on 3.5.08 - 7.49 am

    To be honest all three sound very interesting and I would like to hear your thoughts on them. But if I were to pick the one that sounds most interesting I would go with number three.

    And not just because there’s a Super attached to the Virtue …. and it makes me picture the word Virtue flying around with a cape.


  2. #2 by Catie on 3.13.08 - 7.55 am

    I agree with Taren but if I must choose…I’m going with number two.

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