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Growing as a writer (and vanishing blogs)

I’m twenty-three, and nearing the end of my time as an undergrad student. There’s a lot of pressure on me right now to explain to the world what I’m doing with my life (which is now at least a third over). Of course, I haven’t nailed down the blue print yet but, as far as I can see things, I see that I’m a fairly good thinker, and can latch onto pretty abstract or complex discussions well. At the same time though, I like real life, and have a certain potent disdain for ivory-tower academia that is so disconnected from the lives of real people. So, I think that my time left here should be spent in bridging the gap between these two worlds by grasping the heavy, magnificent truths that are being destroyed by much academic analysis, and bring them to people who don’t have the time or means, in their everyday lives, to find these things for themselves. By doing that I hope I can make the lives of real people deeper, better, and more satisfying.

In light of my goal of speaking great truths to real people in an accessible, interesting, accurate way, I, after reading my last post, deleted it because I was disgusted with the heady, technical, snobbish, soullessness of the whole thing. I wrote it to sketch out a livable road to living a great life, and it didn’t at all do justice to that great topic. So if you are willing to give me the time to speak into your life, I want to do that in a way that is enjoyable and real. So I’m rewriting that post, and it should be back up in a few days.

Thanks for reading.


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My absence (over)

Lately, most of my thought has been devoted to questions of theology, and to dealing with some deep personal questions that wouldn’t be interesting at all to you here (just awkward maybe). That said, I’ll be posting a blog some time in the next seven days on one of three topics: 1. The need we all feel to get out of our body, 2. The virtue of being able to cause great harm to another, or 3. The Super Virtue of thoughtfulness, and a single, simple practice that will make you a better person.

I’m taking votes if anyone has a preference. The thoughts are formed – I just have to take the time to sort them.

And a suggestion (not a rule) for readers: I put a lot of thought and time into something before it squirms its way through the crackly canal that is the internet and is born in your mind. If you come here and read, I ask that you would do so not as a consumer of ideas (because that reduces the deep stuff of life to a commodity like cheeseburgers), but as a participant. I only know a few people that I think are genuinely incapable of thoughtful contribution to life, and none of them read this blog. Your ideas, comments, questions, and criticisms are more than welcome – they’re wanted.