Feeding The Homeless

Some friends and I have put together an opportunity to show love to some of the down-trodden and needy of Birmingham, and we want you to be a part of it. Here’s the plan:

This Saturday, we will be cooking a real-deal Christmas dinner together, then going downtown and picking up any homeless people we see and bringing them in and sharing that meal with them. We want to show these people that they’re not totally alone and forgotten in the world by going out of our way to care for and share our lives with them. We want to get them out of the cold for a while, get their stomachs full, and send them away with a package of things that will help them get by better where they are.

Here’s how you can help:

Honestly, we want you to help us buy food, cook it, serve it with us, and share yourself personally with these people. Below is a list of everything we need for the dinner and for the care packages. If you want to do that, please sign up to take care of as much as you want (do that by replying to this blog saying what you’re getting). If you want to help, but won’t be here Saturday, then you can go ahead and commit to providing something on the list. You just need to call me and I’ll come get it from you, or you can just donate money and we will put it towards whatever is needed most.

For those of you who are going to come cook with us, meet us as Cahaba Heights Baptist Church (directions at bottom) around one thirty. They have a good kitchen where we can cook the meal. Around five or five thirty, some of us will leave to go downtown and pick up the homeless people. We hope to return with them around six or seven to eat. Afterwards, we will clean our mess and be done. Be prepared to be there from oneish til around nine or so.

The List: Planning for twenty-five people

-2 Big Hams
-2 Large Turkey Breasts or Turkeys

-4 different veggies – To provide one veggie, bring four of the huge cans of it, so we need 16 huge cans for a total of 4 different veggies
-2 Casseroles – To provide one casserole, make two large casserole dishes of it.
Mashed Potatoes (serving sizes are on the box)

-Three sheet cakes
-Three pies

Care Packages
-Underwear (no whitey tighties)
-Tooth Brushes
-Tooth Paste

This list is not definitive. If you have a recipe that you really love to make, by all means bring it. Just reply here saying you’re making it, and it counts as a dessert/side or whatever. We also need a van or two (ideally). If you have one or can help there, please let us know.

If you commit to something here, please know that we’re really counting on you. Please also, if you think it is meaningful, pray that this comes together well. This isn’t the most important thing going on in the world right now, but putting a dent, however small, in the loneliness and hurt in a person’s life is making the love of God come alive, and that matters. I hope to see you Saturday. Let all your friends know.

Directions: http://www.cahabaheightsbaptist.com/page.php?pageid=b6214b95a2e74cda42ce97440e86543a

Address:3800 Crosshaven Dr Birmingham, Al 35243 (mapquest if you need to).

  1. #1 by Alex Marshall on 12.18.07 - 9.52 pm

    If I wasn’t in another state I’d be there for sure… but I’ll definitely pray that it comes together well. Let me know if I can help with more from afar.

  2. #2 by Catie on 12.18.07 - 11.29 pm

    I would love to buy and put together some care packages, and if there is a need for more food I’ll get some but me cooking would not be the best idea.

  3. #3 by Michael Glawson on 12.18.07 - 11.57 pm

    Catie – how many do you want to provide?

  4. #4 by Katie on 12.19.07 - 2.47 am

    So, what’s wrong with whitey tighties? I wear them…
    But I wanna make piiiiiiiiiie. Pecan and pumpkin.
    And if I can maybe a caserole. Have to get in touch with my sister for the recipe though. SO that’s a MAYBE. Because a “Katie” recipe would just be terrifying.

  5. #5 by CasinoChris on 12.19.07 - 5.02 am

    Hey I agree with the cause but not in Alabama or GA I’m in Winnipeg so I’ll pray it goes wll

  6. #6 by Michael Glawson on 12.19.07 - 5.20 am

    Bridgette and I just picked up five blankets from Wal Mart. They have a good deal; fleece blankets for four bucks a piece.

    Tally so far:
    1 Pecan Pie
    1 Pumpkin Pie
    5 Blankets

  7. #7 by Catie on 12.19.07 - 4.14 pm

    I’ll do five or more, but definitely count on five from me.

  8. #8 by Anonymous on 12.19.07 - 6.36 pm

    Yo. It’s Bridgette. I can cook and serve. And provide green beans. Cause they’re healthy.

  9. #9 by Kris on 12.19.07 - 6.42 pm

    We can handle both Turkeys and Hams, drinks, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and some (not sure how many, but will let you know soon) care packages. We can do more if needed, but wanted to at least let you know these things can be accounted for. I won’t be able to come because of a family Christmas gathering, but Landon and Jeremiah (maybe others) will be there to help serve and clean up. Talk to you soon.

  10. #10 by Anonymous on 12.19.07 - 7.11 pm

    Hey! Ashley Grace here. I can serve & cook…something. Maybe potatoes or something not hard.

  11. #11 by Taren on 12.20.07 - 12.58 am

    Can I make real mashed potatoes… because those are way better. And I’ll get rolls and I can make pear salad.

  12. #12 by Michael on 12.20.07 - 6.17 am

    6 Full Care Packages
    5 Care packages minus blankets
    3 Veggies
    1-2 Casseroles
    1-2 Desserts

    AG, can you pick something else easy since Taren is taking care of mashed potatoes?

    Kris, thank you guys a ton for taking care of so much. May God shine chartreuse rays of benevolence on your heads.

  13. #13 by landon wilson on 12.20.07 - 4.17 pm

    i will take care of two complete care packages, and i will most likely not be able to meet up with you guys until around 4 or 5 in the afternoon

  14. #14 by landon wilson on 12.20.07 - 4.18 pm

    also i can buy a cake if you cant get anyone to make desserts…just let me know by saturday

  15. #15 by Anonymous on 12.21.07 - 3.16 am

    its ryan-i got a veggie and some socks and undies…sorry again bro, see ya at 10

  16. #16 by Michael on 12.21.07 - 6.30 am

    4 Full Care Packages
    5 Packs (minus blankets)
    2 Veggies

    Almost there.

    New need:

    We need one more van if possible. If anyone has ideas throw em out. I’ll be making some calls tomorrow. How hard can that be, right?

  17. #17 by landon wilson on 12.21.07 - 7.51 pm

    how should these care packages be packaged? are we thinking gift wrap style or paper/plastic bags?

  18. #18 by Taren on 12.22.07 - 7.26 am

    I know they aren’t on the list but… count me in for pigs in a blanket. They were sitting in my fridge all unmade and sad so the dinner just seemed like a fine time to make them. Not sure where you stand on veggies and desserts but I can help out with what’s left.

  19. #19 by Michael on 12.22.07 - 7.41 am

    Pigs in a blanket are fine.

    As for packaging, I picked up about twenty smaller cardboard boxes from walmart tonight, so that should suffice unless someone has another idea.

    Got a call from Daniel tonight. We had planned on using his work van to transport the people with, but he found out tonight that that is a no go because of some insurance policy, so that is now a problem. We were counting on his van, and looking for another, but now we have no vans at all.

    I see three possible solutions:
    1. Rent a van. That costs $$ though, and I don’t know that we could work it out in time.

    2. Use several cars to pick people up. This might work better. We could do it faster since we’d have multiple people scouting downtown, but we need people willing to use their own cars.

    3. Use Daniel’s van to load the food up and take it to the people and serve them there. This is a little off of the whole plan though, and I don’t know exactly how to keep the food warm. We could probably figure something out though.

    We’ll all talk it over tomorrow.

  20. #20 by Alex Marshall on 12.23.07 - 2.55 pm

    So how did everything work out, guys?

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