Thoughts on blogging

Aparrently, for me, somewhere around three a.m. is when I feel most comfortable being open and honest with god-knows-whoever happens to be reading this. I always find myself most motivated at the wee hours of the morning to write my thoughts. So this is my first blog, commencing at 3:43 a.m., and, since this is my first blog here, I thought I’d spout my fairly unorganized thoughts on blogging in general.

I think self disclosure is a wonderful thing. In fact, I’m convinced it’s necessary if you want to be a whole person, and necessary if society is to work. That is, we need to be open and honest about who we are so that we may be sane and whole and functional, and we need others to be open and vulnerable with us too if we are to learn to truly relate (because relating is a two-way street, no?) to others as if they are real people, not smiling, empty social robots. So, that is one of my ends here – to honestly relate my thoughts and feelings to others honestly so that I may be sane and so that you may see a person for who he is.

As a blogger, I have to confess with some shame that I don’t really read many other people’s blogs. They bore me most of the time because they mostly seem to be a lot of ranting that seems totally unproductive (if it’s an academic blog), or inane recitation of other people’s ideas and feelings, or misdirected emotions that would be more at home in a conversation between old friends or a parent, not on myspace. I promise you I will do my best to keep these blogs free of awkward emotionalism (not that emotions are bad, we all have them, and they have an appropriate place), and inane ranting. I could do both (if you know me, you know that), but, I have other thoughts and ideas that would be more usefull to others.

Another end I have in mind for this blog is to provoke rational, meaningful thought. I think a lot, and I often have thoughts that are at least original to me, have practical signifigance for everyday life, and are relatively intelligent (they come in degrees…). I’ll be posting them regularly I hope, and feedback, critiques, criticisms, etc. are things I would genuinely appreciate (in proportion to the genuineness of the comment, criticism, etc.).

As a disciple of Jesus, I believe every area of life and thought shares some common ground with his message and being, but this does not mean that I feel the obligation to obnoxiously mold every line of thought or topic of discussion into a sermon. Quite the opposite, I believe that, since God’s life and being permeate everything and that all truth is God’s truth, that enables us to embark on an unbridled, honest persuit of anything once we understand it as it. Once I understand love, art, sex, friendship, math, nature, politics, emotion, history, literature, etc. as it actually is, simply viewing and experiencing it in truth is the most genuine praise to God there is. The first step here though is to see that every event, object, or item gains its significance and meaning from its context, and to understand that God is the very context which endows all with signifigance. In this respect I hope I am successful in simply seeing things as they are.

So, 4:09 has come, and I’m off to rest. Thanks for reading.


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